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(2) 25ft. Multi-Outlet Cords With 5 Light Cages


This string light kit helps solve some common lighting issues encountered at a job site, camping, or other low-lit situations. It comes with two 25ft. long cables that have three outlets spaced evenly apart. It comes with 5 durable light cages that have convenient On/Off switches and hanging hooks that can be plugged into the outlets available in the cord. When not using the outlet, secure the protective cap to create a weather resistant seal. Use with other Conntek Loc-King products to extend the length or add additional accessories.

Box Includes:

  • • 25ft. Plug€™n€™Glow cordset (x2)
  • • Independent ON/OFF light cages with hanging hooks (x5)
  • *Light bulbs are not included

Max power: 1875W

*Do  not exceed 100W on each light. Do no exceed 100ft in length, as it is de-rated to 1625W at that point.

Approval: ETL and Plug, SJTW: UL, C-UL

Limited one year warranty

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(2) 30A 125V Male Ends to 50A 125/250V Female End Cheater Box


This Y-adapter utilizes two separate 30A connections to provide enough power for a large device, such as a 50 amp RV/motorhome, to receive power. It is useful especially when traveling to RV parks where 30A power pedestals are the only option. Both of the plugs and the female connector feature easy grip handles and LED power indicators.

Maximum Watts: 7500W

Approval: Plug, STW, and connector: UL, C-UL

Limited one year warranty

*It is recommended that you use this adapter to plug into separate 30A circuits. It is your responsibility to verify if this product will work with the wiring you are connecting to. It will not work on GFCI protected outlets. It is also your responsibility to test and monitor power usage to your RV/equipment.

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(5) C13 and (1)C14 Power Strip with Exterior Ground Wire


This vertical power strip features five C13 connectors for powering multiple devices and a C14 inlet for plugging in a detachable cord. The two pre-drilled mounting tabs allow for quick and easy installation in server rooms, data centers, and other locations. It is constructed of ABS temperature resistant material and has an added two layer construction to provide extra heat resistance.

Approval: UL, C-UL, TUV, CE

Limited one year warranty

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(Beige) i-Plug Indoor Extension Cords With Right Turn Plug, 25ft.


These indoor extension cords are available in several different colors depending on the length. The male plug has an easy finger grip design and plugs in with a right turn to prevent the cord from blocking the outlet beneath it. The female connector is clear blue with a neon light that illuminates when the power is connected.

Approval: Plug, Connector, and SJT: UL, C-UL

Limited one year warranty

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(Black) 30 Amp TT-30 Detachable RV/Marine Inlets


These replacement 30A straight blade inlets are RV grade and manufactured with UV stabilized glass-filled polyester for durability. Each inlet includes a watertight cap to protect it from the elements when not in use and a sealing collar that allows a power cord's threaded ring to screw around it to protect the connection. The backside contains a rear sealing grommet and safety enclosure without strain relief. These inlets contain easy to wire terminals and instructions for a quick installation.

Approval: UL, C-UL

Limited one year warranty

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(Black) 50 Amp CS6365 / SS2-50 Power Inlet Boxes


Power inlet boxes run power to critical electrical systems, while avoiding harmful exhaust fumes that a generator produces. Simply mount the box on the exterior of a home/business, and run the wiring to a transfer switch/box installation. When emergency power is needed, connect a generator cord to the inlet box, and flip the switch for the transfer unit. These boxes are equipped with a SS2-50 (CS6365) male configuration for large systems.

We offer several different finishes of inlet boxes that are all corrosion resistant powder coated steel.

Inlet Box Features:

•Features a protective cap that creates a weather-tight seal when not in use.

•A sealing collar for power cords that have a threaded ring to create a weather protected seal while in use.

•Removable box face for easy installation

•4 Knockouts @ 0.85 inches

Max Wattage: 12,500W

Approval: Cordset & Inlet: UL, C-UL

Limited one year warranty

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