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Marine Wiring Devices

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50A Replacement Threaded Ring

This 50A threaded ring can be attached to a weatherproof boot as a replacement if one breaks or strips. This ring is made of high impact ABS plastic and fits snugly over the weatherproof boot by using a heat gun or hair dryer to warm it up.
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30A Collar & Threaded Ring


This sealing collar and threaded ring combo bridge the gap between two 30A power cords to prevent water damage. Another 30A power cord with a weatherproof boot and ring will fit on the other side, keeping the connection safe from the elements.

*Please note that a heat gun or similar device will be required when using as a replacement on a power cord.

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50A Sealing Collar & Ring Combo

The threaded ring and sealing collar are designed for use with 50A power cords commonly used with RVs, generators, marine shore power, etc. The threaded ring is attached to either the male plug or female connector side of the cord and securely screws around the sealing collar to offer maximum protection from water damage.
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L5-30P Assembly Plugs

60311, & 60311-YW

These 30 amp NEMA L5-30 locking assembly plugs can be used to wire a new cord or replace a plug with the same configuration. It comes in either a black or yellow nylon body with a rear cord clamp for easy wiring.

•Bladed Grab Cord Type

Max Grip Cable: OD ø16.5mm

Limited one year warranty

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L5-30R Assembly Connector


This 3-prong locking connector is commonly used with RV, marine, and generator applications. It can be used to replace a connector that has the NEMA L5-30R configuration. The connector is made with a black nylon body that is resistant to impact.

•Hexagonal Cable Clamp

devMax Grip Cable: OD ø16.5mm

Limited one year warranty

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SS1-50P Assembly Plug


This 50A 125V locking assembly plug is steel encased with a yellow body. It has the NEMA SS1-50 configuration that is typically used at older marine shore pedestals.

Limited one year warranty

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SS1-50R Assembly Connector


This NEMA SS1-50R assembly connector can be used for wiring a new cord or as a replacement for an existing power cord. The SS1-50 configuration is typically found at marine docks with older 125V pedestals.

Limited one year warranty

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SS2-50R Assembly Connector


This 50A locking assembly connector comes has a nylon body and is a grab cord type. It is similar to a CS6364 connector, but this connector does not include the center guiding pin. Use as a replacement for RV, boat, generator, or other devices. These connectors are used in many industrial applications as well.

UL & C-UL Approval

Applicable cable types:

Gauge: 6/4 : Jacket types: ST, STW, STOOW, STOW, SOW, SOOW)

Gauge: 6/3 8/1: Jacket types: (ST, STW, STOOW, STOW)

Limited one year warranty

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20A 125V Pin & Sleeve IEC 309 Splash-Proof Plug


These IEC 309 IP 44 splash-proof plugs come in several different options to choose from. Each one comes in a white body housing with either a yellow or blue collar around the plug.

Limited one year warranty

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